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  • January 3rd, 2011
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Ever feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of technology coming at you from all angles? There was a time when only the geeks knew about the this secret society called the internet and were considered uncool (a.k.a nerd.) for it. Now if you aren’t on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the other new social media sites you are out of the loop.

C’mon haven’t you heard Delicious might be on the way out?

Now days everyone is bombarded over and over again by technology – even those of us who live, eat, and breathe by it have a hard time keeping up. There is always a game changer around the corner – lately a lot of the game changers seem to be attached to something to do with Apple. Oh yeah – expect things to change Jan 6. Big Time!! …. hmmm I might even invest in some stocks!

OK so getting down to it – I have made a few predictions over the years and have come pretty close most of the time, things like : cloud computing, touch screens, flash drives… and it’s time for a few predictions for 2011.

  • Apple has already announced the App store coming out Jan 6 and that a new operating system is on the horizon. The way we use computers is all going to change to be more like the iPad. The only thing holding us back is connectivity to the web. Will 2011 be the year? Probably not but they are working on it, and by they I mean Apple, Google, Microsoft and probably everyone else. Computers without hard drives connected to the web all the time, storage of data all online – no more backing up because it already is backed up. No more carrying around hard drives, dvd’s and the like. Hard drives are the next floppy.
  • The iPad becomes a laptop – combing the touch screen, flash drive system with a laptop. What would even make it more cooler would be if they were to make the laptop TWO touch screens. Basically a folding iPad where one screen is for the keyboard and one for the screen. THink about the gaming possibilities – customizes the controls. larger gaming screen without the keys covering the play area, and even better… fold the two screens so they lay flay and play head to head. Ah – more of a wish list item but probably won’t happen.
  • With applications like Evernote coming out, the need for online bookmarking diminishes so expect sites like Delicious to lose popularity (it already is happening) and note taking / bookmarking / data sharing applications fight for the top spot. Check out Evernote and Springpad.
  • Adobe – … ah Flash…… for years it has been a love it hate type of application. Web developers focusing on usability scoff at it while artists and the visually inclined drool over it. The AppleFlash debate has cooled down to a luke warm temperature and you can bet Adobe hasn’t given up the fight yet. Expect updates for developing for the iPhone. This is one they can’t wait on – possibly some strong integration with HTML5.
  • Something else to expect from Adobe is the move of their applications to online usage with cloud servers – it’s not really a surprise with, kuler, browserlabs and other services already being offered online but it really just makes sense for them to start moving everything online. It would mean more frequent and faster updates for the users. With a user account login system, Adobe could probably cut down or at least track piracy. And the big win should be for the user as the price of the software should drop drastically as it just makes more sense for Adobe to offer a subscription model – possibly tiered – that users would be more likely to pay than work hard at getting their hands on a cracked version.
  • Video / Image Sharing – will be the next hot thing. With every device / computer having cameras and the ability to upload instantly look for this sector to take off. Ad companies are going to jump all over this with contest, giveaways and the like. Time to become a director!
  • Website coding : we are finally getting closer to true wysiwyg editing – code may just be a thing of the past as widgets, plug-ins, themes continually are being offered for free. Focus on how users use the web to become successful – how it is being built changes every month. Now with that said – it is always best to know code and have the ability to control it if building and working on websites is your business, it’s just now you can get away with building simple sites without it. (FYI – as an exercise I have worked on this site for half a day and have installed WordPress, a new them, changed settings, all with almost no coding what so ever).
  • Web Typography! Thank God! Finally.
  • IE6 – Dead? Hell, probably not, the damn thing just won;t go away and companies just won’t let it – evern though many web designers have done their best to kill it, online funeral and all >>
  • JQuery – more and more JQuery, ’nuff said.

That’s just the tip of it all – now to put things into perspective, here’s a clip that I love. It’s from an interview with comedian Louis CK on the Conan O’Brien show discussing technology – A must watch!

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